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#3 – 100-year-old Rotary Cheese Grater Restoration

Vintage Rotary Cheese Grater Restoration

In this restoration, I will be restoring a vintage rotary cheese grater that used to belong to my grandmother and that was passed on to my mother. I want to attempt to keep the patina look but to restore it at the same time. I hope that you guys enjoy this restoration and if you do, be sure to hit the like and subscribe button. I upload a new video every week (Normally on a Sunday) so if you want to be notified of a new video, hit the bell icon once you have subscribed. Also, check out my Instagram page for sneak peeks!

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I love restoring all things from tools, machines, household appliances, and really anything that I feel I can save. I also love watching restoration videos as I find them so relaxing and to be honest, it oftentimes helps me to fall asleep as I am a full-blown insomniac. These restoration video creators have inspired me so much that I decided to create my own Youtube channel to showcase all the items that I restore. My hopes are to grow the channel beyond my wildest dreams and to bring you some awesome content to watch.

I hope you enjoy this site as well as the content that I am making.

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