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#7 – Old Record bench vise Restoration

record 12pb bench vise restoration

In this restoration, I am restoring a very old Record Steel bench Vise (Model 12PB) that has been mounted to my steel work bench for over 45 years. I inherited my late father-in-law’s tools, so many of them are in dire need of some love.

The restoration covers pretty much everything you would need to know in order to restore a vise but do not expect it to turn out like those highly polished vises that some do in their restoration videos. I wanted to make the vise look better but still be my every day vise, so I was not turning this one into a show piece, although I must admit, it did turn out great.

Check out the full restoration video below and if you like, share the love by liking and subscribing to my channel so you can stay up to date with all the future restorations I will be doing.

Author: admin

I love restoring all things from tools, machines, household appliances, and really anything that I feel I can save. I also love watching restoration videos as I find them so relaxing and to be honest, it oftentimes helps me to fall asleep as I am a full-blown insomniac. These restoration video creators have inspired me so much that I decided to create my own Youtube channel to showcase all the items that I restore. My hopes are to grow the channel beyond my wildest dreams and to bring you some awesome content to watch.

I hope you enjoy this site as well as the content that I am making.

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