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Project Gallery

The restoration project gallery contains before and after photos of all my projects. Make sure that you check back regularly to find new content. If you would like to see how each item was restored, go check out the videos on the Restorations page.

I also appreciate comments, so if you feel there is something I could have done better, feel free to let me know about it. I mean, the only way you can get better at these things is to either learn from your mistakes or to listen to advice from others, but most importantly to never give up. Also do let me know what type of restorations you would like to see in the future and I will try my very best to get you the content that you are after.

Without any further ado, here are the projects that I have completed thus far.

Project #1 Hydraulic Floor / Trolley Jack

Project #2 Jack Stands

Project #3 100-year-old Rotary Cheese Grater

Project #4 Old Drill Stand

Project #5 Vintage Potato Ricer

Project #6 Stanley Hand Planer

Project #7 Record Bench Vice